Float On

Sometimes it is good to start over.  Pack up all the things of your past, place them in a boat, and let it float away.  Sure, these things want to stick around, but in order to move forward sometimes the very thing you need to do first is let go.  The tide might even push the boat back up to land as you are first sending it away, but the nature of things is that once you let go, the boat, and the things of your past which hold you back, hold you down, or no longer serve any positive purpose in your life, have to, float away.

As you watch the boat float off into the distance, the present presents itself like the sun rising on a clear eastward sky.  You put a small hole in the boat, so as it floats away, it sinks instead of showing up on another shore, or in someone else’s life.  One should never pass on their purged energy to others, not even indirectly.  Letting it go does not mean pass along.

There is a unique unknown that happens when you are able to empty your vessel from the things that have served as a hinderance more than a help.  In that unknown, its almost as if, at any age, you become a child again.  Starting over is rebirth.  Knowing what you don’t want, because you just sent that away, you begin the creative, scary, necessary, and beautiful process of finding out what what you do want.

Saying I don’t know what I want to yourself is a great thing because you are communicating to the universe the need to know. The need to be clear.  The need to be really clear, specific, and overstand that if you are not clear, that you might summon some of the very things you sent away in the boat.  You’ll find the boat re-docked at your front door, and if one is truly moving forward, you have to create new structures.

In this ever changing world, full of promise and fickleness, infinite possibilities and self made anchors, all of us deserve to be in the fullness of who we are and what we want our reality to be.



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